Wednesday, December 11, 2013


You can call me uber-organized, you can call me anal, you can call me whatever you want – but I call me lazy. I just can not wrap my mind around not being “ready” for Christmas. I’m not on a month-long marathon to decorate my house and grounds. My minimalistic décor – carried over from year to year, will suffice. There is no last minute frenzy to buy gifts: I’ve had them ready for months. I wouldn’t go near a mall at all, and all the shopping I’ll do will be at the grocery. There is no last minute frenzy to plan meals and Christmas baking: the lists are made and I’ve stocked up on the non-perishables. Christmas baking will commence this weekend – regular baking goes on all the time. There is no last minute frenzy to do much at all. I absolutely adore Christmas, but, as I said, I’m lazy. The thought of any really concerted effort just makes me cringe right now.  Being retired is, of course, a great help.  I’m past the age of raising children, I’m past the age of gainful employment, and I’m now in the age of relaxing.  I’m relaxing and siting back to watch all the frenzy around me.  It’s quite a show.


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