Monday, December 23, 2013


Time to repost a quick recipe for the busy days ahead. Just think of what you might do with Christmas leftovers, some cheese, and an egg or two for each serving.  Be creative!

  Eureka! A new quickie supper! We were watching an old edition of one of Rick Steves’ trips, this one to Switzerland. In passing he mentioned a hearty supper of rosti, a mostly potatoes dish but his was served with eggs and cheese. I hadn’t yet decided what to make for our own supper, but that rosti gave me an idea: home fries, cheddar and eggs. Simple! So…
…I took the last of the red potatoes, four small ones, nuked them (Ha! I’d thought I’d already cooked and then refrigerated them, but nooooo – so I had to do a quick nuke and then – oo, ah, ah, hot! – dice them. Why didn’t I dice them first? Senior moment, of course) Onward: I also diced up a small onion and sautéed it with the potatoes, salted and peppered, in some oil and butter. Meanwhile, I grated up a few ounces of extra sharp cheddar.
When the sautéing was done, everything nicely, nicely browned, I spread them over the bottom of a glass dish I’d oiled, and sprinkled on some of the cheese. Then I cracked two eggs for each of us over that. To top it all off I put the rest of the cheese on top, popped it in a 400° oven for 15 minutes, and voila! Easy, delicious – sometimes I surprise myself.

It's not too elegant looking - no picture plate presentation -
but boy was it good!

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