Friday, December 6, 2013


My minimalist Christmas Tree
I’ve been bogging for a few years now, and, as you may know if you read my entries with any regularity, I’ve several blogs I really love.  Lately, some of my own favorites have led me to other great sites.  Many of them are what I call “shelter” sites – decorating, design, home hints and such, along with the ins and outs, the ups and downs of daily living.  I tell you, some of these blogger gals are overachievers.  They must also have huge storerooms to keep all those decorations over the other non-holiday months.  (I’m wondering and can’t wait to learn what they’ll do for Valentine’s Day, Easter, and holidays through each year. My collection of a year’s worth of holiday décor is contained in six big totes: three for Christmas, two for fall, and one for spring and summer. Isn’t it nice that spring and summer provide their own décor in the way of garden things?) Last year I wrote about my own minimalistic Christmas.

On these shelter blogs the gals have decorated almost every available horizontal surface, and all the doors, windows and mirrors with decorations. Greens, ribbons, ornaments, candles, lights – you name it!  The displays are just beautiful, but I’m wondering about the time it takes to arrange them, how they maintain them for over six or seven weeks, how they dust them, and how, after all is said and done and they begin to put it all away, they don’t just chuck it all out in January and saying: “Next year we simplify!”

(I do know there are those with deep pockets and little room who decorate to the teeth each winter with all new purchases.  Keeps the economy rolling along, doncha know!)

Many, many memories on this tree.

If you are one of the gals who love to decorate to the nth degree, I’m sure you really love all that goes into the effort – and, of course, the results. More power to you, as they say, but, lazy lump that I am, I think I’ll pass.





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