Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I absolutely love Eggs Benedict, and I’ve recently acknowledged that it’s the Hollandaise that I love – the rest, for me, can be anything that resembles the ‘original’ assembly of component parts.

Taking this to heart, I prepared a Quick Sunday breakfast using 

Toast instead of English Muffins
Fried eggs instead of the fiddly poached variety   and
Canadian bacon – I did have this, but I could have used any variety of ham
     or bacon that I usually have on hand.

Bread toasted, Canadian bacon in the pan, ready to be heated, I prepared the ingredients for the sauce and had them ready. Then I began frying the eggs – two for each of us.   Then…

In one small bowl I whisked               then in another small bowl I

3 egg yolks                                      microwaved half a stick of butter

2 Tbsp. Lemon juice                          for 30 seconds –

Pinch of salt and pepper                    just enough to melt it.*

Using my immersion blender, I gradually poured the melted butter into the whisked yolks until I had my sauce. * Note that this is Julia Child’s Blender Hollandaise recipe – very lemony, which I love, however, because she used a whole stick of butter. The whole stick makes for a thicker sauce, but neither of us needed that extra butter.

I heated the bacon then began to assemble the dish – bread, meat, eggs, sauce. There was more than enough sauce, and I had the three egg whites too, so I am planning to use them, along with a few more eggs, for a scramble egg breakfast one day this week.  

I didn’t take pictures of this preparation – I’m not ready for pictures on a Sunday morning – so I’ll google the topic and see what I can find to decorate this post.  As Julia said: “Bon Appetite!”

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