Monday, March 10, 2014


My handsome assistant chef

Once again I've found a very interesting photo. A while ago, I started a project to scan in some of the better photos from the two dozen or so albums I've got going back over 40 years. This one is from 1988, and I'd think it was around the winter holidays because Frank was creating in the kitchen - a thing he loved to do around that time of year. I can see the condensation on the stove window, so that means he was about to bake something - perhaps his usual croissants or a tarte, though surely not whatever was in the Waring blender. I can also see that he has the recipe taped up to the cabinet door - clever him. I asked him about the picture but after all these years he doesn't remember it at all.  And he surely doesn't remember wearing that apron, that's for sure!

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