Friday, March 28, 2014


There are lists out there for all the things we should be commemorating or celebrating each month. One of those is this month’s nod to Caffeine Awareness.   I’ve been aware of caffeine for over twenty-five years. I found out then that if I didn’t have any coffee before setting out on a three-hour trip where I didn’t want to have to stop for a pee, I’d get a beaut of a headache. My sister, a coffee-lover supreme, clued me in to the cause and gave me some caffeine pills to combat the headache.

About fifteen years ago I discovered that if I drank regular coffee after dinner I would be awake for hours.  I’m aware that it’s a ‘different’ kind of awake than just being awake with my ‘wheels going round and round’. I know it’s because that waitress gave me regular instead of decaf. That’s happened a time or two. I have to watch eating a lot of late chocolate too. I get very particular about any after dinner coffee these days. Most times I do without it in a restaurant – it’s not that I don’t trust them, but I don’t trust them.  I can go home and be sure of a decaf cup.

I laugh when I see notice on ginger ale or root beer that they’re caffeine-free. There never was any caffeine in those, but these days there’s so much caffeine in soft drinks that people are wary. All these new energy drinks are pumped chock full of caffeine – and, to extend the pun, they’ll go nuts when they start to withdraw from it. Headache? Ooooh la la, it will be a beaut.

Are you old enough to remember Mr. Coffee Nerves?


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