Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Just after adding the eggs

I love eggs. I panic if I have less than two dozen in the fridge. This week I'm in heaven because Harris Teeter had a BOGO on eggs and I stocked up. I was flipping through one of my recipe binders and my eye just happened to catch the sight of the an old cutting from Saveur - all about Gashouse Eggs.  The have many catchy names, but by any name they are delicious.
The ingredients - lots of butter and as many eggs and slices of bread, homemade in my case, you'd care to devour. Be very, very sure to have the eggs at room temperature. I forgot that this morning and when the eggs finally set the bottom of the toast was a wee bit too dark. But we ate them anyway because, as I said, they are delicious.

The method - butter both sides of the bread, then use a muffin cutter, cookie cutter or even a glass to cut out the circles. Fry the slices on one side until they are nicely toasted. Flip them over, take out the circles and nestle them elsewhere in the pan. Put a dab of butter into each hole and then crack the eggs into the holes. Continue frying until the eggs are set. 

Salt and pepper the eggs - serve them forth. Add what?  Bacon, Canadian or regular, some cut-up fresh fruit, the choices are yours. 

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