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I don't know what constitutes "official" these days, buy last Friday I was emailed the word that today, August 2nd, has been proclaimed (proclaimed, no less!) as National Coloring Book Day. I read in the History of the day, that it was submitted by Dover Publications. They’d be the ones to submit the suggestion because they publish countless coloring books. Many, like their stickers and paper dolls, are designed just for them.

I love to color. I even have my own huge box of crayons. I wrote this in a blog I posted in June of 2011: 
My earliest, favorite, happiest association with color, and perhaps yours too, was with a box of crayons – Crayola, naturally.  Just the smell of a box of crayons today brings back all sorts of memories, especially the times when my first grade teacher chose me to help give out the crayons for art period. I am still the proud owner of my own 48 count box of Crayolas. I say “my own” because I keep another, well used box of crayons for my grandchildren.  Heaven forbid they touch my box!  

Every once in a while I find something to color, and I go right to it. Dover has some free coloring book samples here for National Coloring Book Day. Of course, you know, I’ve already downloaded and printed s few pages.

Dover, the purveyor (another good ‘p’ word) of marvelous, inexpensive, reprints. In fact, when I lived not far from their place in Mineola on Long Island, I could go there and browse to my heart’s content – but that was thirty years or so ago. They are the place to go to browse on line for great children’s gifts or great gifts for children. They have coloring and puzzle books, gift sets, stickers, craft books, and, of course, nicely reprinted classic books. Go to and see the great variety of publications, from Art to Women’s Studies, to be had there. Is this a plug for Dover? You bet it is!  Don’t just sit there – go color!

National Coloring Book Day is celebrated annually on August 2.  Coloring and coloring books have always been popular with children, but over the years adults have gotten more and more involved with coloring.  Adult coloring is now a huge trend and many are finding that it is not only fun but also a great way to reduce stress.  Founded in 1941, Dover Publications led the way, releasing their first coloring book for adults, Antique Automobiles Coloring Book, in 1970. Dover now publishes Creative Haven®, a popular line of coloring books specially designed for adult colorists.
Find a coloring party near you or participate online.  Spend some time coloring with your friends, children or grandchildren or by yourself. Enjoy the creativity of making a picture come to life. Download the official National Coloring Book Day 2015 color page. Post your pictures on social media using #NationalColoringBookDay to encourage others to find the enjoyment in coloring.
National Coloring Book Day was submitted by Dover Publications in May 2015. The Registrar at National Day Calendar declared National Coloring Book Day to be observed annually on August 2.

This just in on August 12th:

Outside the Lines

An Artists’ Coloring Book for Giant Imaginations

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