Friday, August 7, 2015


To Fellow Connoisseurs of Fine Whines
I hear your whine and raise you one. I posted a whining blurb back in 2012. With a few updates for the changes over the years, we are still whining.

I do empathize! Whining is what Frank and I seem to do quite a bit of these days. If it isn’t the crazy weather all over the world - and aren’t we glad we don’t live in California! - it’s next year’s elections which are beginning to bug us. Already sixteen candidates for the Republican Party nomination? Good luck to them all. It will be a long, expensive process, and last night's debate was an exercise in futility. 

Seems like the TV ads have multiplied exponentially, while the quality of the TV fare has suffered. We’re also still whining about the increased cost of living, the unbelievable things our kids are doing or the dumb things other people do, and the lack of a good New York hard roll.

       What are they thinking?
              What are they thinking?
                      What are they thinking?
                             What are they thinking?

Not that we know all the answers – far from it! – but in our old age we do enjoy a commiserating whine. It keeps the conversation flowing.

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