Monday, February 17, 2014


We had a fun weekend, starting with Jenna’s 6th birthday. Tooth and nail she is resisting reading – “it’s boring” to her. I hate it when kids say they are bored – it just means their brains lack imagination. She was over here the weekend before and brought the books she was supposed to be reading – no luck. She was supposed to read them aloud to an adult – that was me that day. Her mom thinks I’m wrong, and perhaps I am because Jenna was sandbagging that day, but she read nowhere with the proficiency she should have by now. And this is a very smart kid (aren’t they all these days?)  
I am the "Book Grandma" and have been for 25 years. At her birthday dinner, on the q.t., she asked her grandfather why we always give them books, and he gave her a very good answer designed to make her appreciate our efforts, but I’m sure she wanted to convince him to convince me to give her something else – probably money like her other grandparents did. Both she and her sister are saving up for iPads.  Now they beg to do chores because their mom gives them cash for it. It’s an iffy precedent, I know,  but at least they are learning the value of work and money and doing a great job of it too.

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