Monday, February 24, 2014


A Sunday supper was in the planning – I was thinking of chicken. I had two nice slices of cooked bacon left over from breakfast and I had an idea for a take-off on Alice Springs Chicken. Here’s what I did:

I fileted a large chicken breast into two nice pieces.  Next I sliced up an onion and sautéed it in a bit of butter and some bacon fat.  Once the onion started to soften I moved them to the sides of the pan then put in the chicken.

Meanwhile, I opened and drained a small can of sliced mushrooms, crumbled the bacon, and got out the bag of shredded cheddar. Once the chicken was browned on the first side I flipped them over, piled on the onions and the mushrooms, and topped each with the bacon and a nice portion of the cheddar. I popped on a lid to keep in the heat and melt the cheese.  In a few minutes, once the cheese melted, it was all done and ready to serve.

I regret to say – as you can see – I didn’t even think to get out the camera. My Hancock Shaker Village chicken picture will have to serve.

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