Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Not Mickey D’s but McDo – evidently that’s what the French call McDonald's. Slate had a drool-inducing article about the menu at the local McDo’s in Perpignan. Wholly Pommes Frites, Batman! - a McBaguette? I want one of those!

The author of the piece, telling us it was a “surreal McDonald’s experience,” writes of having a McRaclette with “a spring salad, washed down with a cold Heineken.”  A Heineken? They’d be flocking to Mickey D’s here if the American branch followed suit.

The McDonald’s overseas do try now to cater to the local tastes. Europeans and Asians don’t want to eat most of the pap served here. We Americans are accustomed to the regular burger and chicken fare – super sized wherever possible! -  but wouldn’t it be wonderful if Mickey D’s put a little more international flavor on their menus? We’ve been to McDonald's in London, though like the London food of that time, the 80’s, it was fairly blah. Our Amsterdam visit was much the same.  Neither country is best known for its cuisine, so they can be excused.  Our last visit to a French McDo’s was in the late 90’s in Dijon. The menu hadn’t morphed into what it is now, but one thing struck as being very far from home: our mid-morning coffee was served with a lovely piece of chocolate.  Now that’s what we call civilized.

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