Saturday, January 19, 2013


I read in today’s Writer’s Almanac that today is the birth date of Edgar Allen Poe. The entry also included a bit of one of my and many people’s favorite poems, The Raven.  I also read there that it is the birth date of Robert E. Lee who was born two years later. Now that name stirred up a memory about which I’ve written here before.
When I was a little girl my Grandmother, who was born in West Virginia, told me that because my name was Lee that they would be pleased to meet me if I ever went to the southern states. Really, I’m just another carpetbagger come south for the milder climate and the lower cost of living, and happy to be here. As always, the name Robert E. Lee, even in this past Thursday’s New York Times crossword puzzle -54 down- brings that memory back again.  
Be that as it may, Happy Birthday Edgar A. and Robert E.

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