Tuesday, January 15, 2013


It's another dreary day here in the Carolinas (dreich, as Tania Kindersley would say in her wonderful blog Backwards in High Heels) To say our weather has been a bit strange for January is putting it mildly because mild it has been. This morning it was 62. On Saturday and Sunday the highs were 80 and 79, according to our electronic outdoor thermometer that keeps track of such things.  Those are weird temperatures for January here, and the winter blahs are running rampant.

This morning though I saw a ray of sunshine, so to speak. Alexandra in her blog Ropcorn, reports that today is Tulipanens Dag - Tulip Day - in Sweden.  She says it's a new tradition that welcomes spring. I'd think that spring was over two months away up there, but I'm sure they're eager to embrace whatever helps chase away the winter blues.  I can think of nothing cheerier than a great bunch of tulips, can you?

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  1. Oh my, what gorgeous tulips! You're absolutely right; just looking at them picks a person up. Thanks for sharing.