Thursday, April 21, 2016


Four generations
Today, Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, is ninety. I always remember her birthday. Always. Why? Because it is also my sister’s birthday. When I discovered that fact, I was delighted, especially since from an early age, oh, about ten or eleven, I thought the Queen was our Queen.  After all, what’s a country without a President and a Queen? I thought that was the way it worked: one male for the business stuff, one female for the ceremony stuff.  Remember, I was only ten or so.
If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you know that I am an Anglophile, and an Elizabethophile. (Or should that just be an Elizabethan?)

with her corgis and dorgis (yes, I had to google 'dorgies')

The BBC and the New York Times, my morning regulars, contributed the lovely pictures accompanying my blog today,

I just love this picture.  Here she is with the youngest two of her grandchildren, and her five great-grandchildren.  And I absolutely smile from ear to ear at that little Mia holding great-granny's handbag. Evidently the world was charmed too - it's all over the internet.
What is so rare as a picture of the Queen without her handbag?

 Happy Birthday Your Majesty, and many more. Oh, and Zen Hugs too!

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