Friday, April 15, 2016


Even the lanterns must go.
I wasn’t planning on posting to my blog today – I’ve one on deck for tomorrow – but this posting from Sharon Santoni’s always-interesting My French Country Home, got me to thinking. She wrote about the upcoming renovation and renewal at Paris’ famous restaurant, La Tour D’Argent. They are selling off everything, including wine from their cellars. Almost everything will bear the restaurant’s monogram.

I surmise that all over the world there are collectors of such things as will be going for sale at the auction: furniture, silverware, dishes, linens, decorative items, copper pots and pans, wine glasses of every shape and size. 
I also surmise that those who are ‘somebody’ wouldn’t want these things - they already have their own fine stuff. But those of us who are relative nobodies might like to have a thing or two. I did take a peek at the catalog. Whew! They certainly did amass a mess of things – their stuff has stuff. No wonder they want to clear things out and make a new start. The Crillon and the Ritz in Paris recently did the same. 

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it to the auction in May, tant pis, but I’d really like to have one of these little blue and white ashtrays.  That would be enough for me. 

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