Wednesday, March 30, 2016


If you love choral music, as I do, and if you think, as I do, that our anthem could be better sung by everyone at any event, then listen to this gem my cousin Bill, connoisseur of all things as they should be, sent this week: Our National Anthem as sung by choir students attending a Kentucky Music Educators Convention.

If that doesn't satisfy your soul, then nothing will.

I've written before about our national anthem, most recently on the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. That was a re-entry and update of a previous blog of mine. I also wrote about it here and here.

It curdles my innards when a lone, probable immensely popular, singer belts out a usually poor rendition of the anthem. I am of the firm belief that everyone attending should sing the anthem at any event where it is played. It may not be the easiest anthem in the world to sing, but it is ours. Sing out Americans!

FYI - The eagle photo is mine.

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  1. How beautiful! At about 2:05, when the choir hit that high note, higher....and even higher yet, at "...the land of the FREE," I broke out in goose bumps. It was simply awesome.

    And what a lovely break from the many warbling and wandering personal variations that seem to be the rage at public events these days, versions that make me wonder sometimes if they're still singing the same music. I can't imagine why anyone would want to mess with this beautiful, majestic anthem.

    Your Canadian neighbour and friend,