Wednesday, February 17, 2016

THE 500

What’s in a name? Today I ask what’s in a number - the number 500.

       The Fortune 500
       500 Days of Summer
       S & P 500 Index
       The Daytona 500
       The Indianapolis 500
       Cinque Cento   (I love this one!)

A 1957 Fiat 500 - Cinque Cento
I'd love to have one now!

And – this is my 500th post. Blogger keeps track of these things, as I learned when I did my 400th post. I’ve been at this blog since October 2010. That’s quite a while as blogs go. I did have one years ago, at the turn of the century!, on the old Netscape, but it folded when that particular service did and I wasn't inclined to begin again for a long while. I'm so glad I started again. I really enjoy the writing and the research, memories, and musings that go along with it all.

Today I send love and Zen Hugs to all my regular readers – as always, I know you know who you are – and I hope I can keep on keepin’ on with this blog for a long while to come. 

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