Friday, February 26, 2016


According to The Writer’s Almanac for February 22nd “On this date in 1630, Quadaquine, brother of Massasoit, leader of the Wampanoag tribe, introduced popcorn to the English colonists.”  Scientific evidence has shown that natives all over the Americas had been consuming popcorn for centuries. I’m delighted that we still have it – it is one of my favorite snacks. Popcorn is inexpensive – unless you go the gourmet, chi-chi flavors route, and is relatively low in calories.

Don’t give me bacon-cheddar or jalapeño, buffalo ranch, pumpkin, or cinnamon, or any of those other flavors. For me, popcorn is meant to be buttered, as in theater popcorn, kettle corn and lightly sweet, or, the ultimate indulgence: Cracker Jacks. To me, that’s heaven in a box. (Yeah, and I remember when the prize in the box was worth saving - for a few days at least, until my mother probably tossed it.)

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