Friday, September 4, 2015


The myriad food ‘powers that be’, usually the manufacturers, distillers, and growers associations, designate certain months to celebrate their particular type of edible. There are more foods and more varieties of the same food to celebrate than there are months, week and days. This month the celebrations really make up a tasty menu.

In September we’ll start our feast day with an All American Breakfast or a Better Breakfast. If you’re having a Waffle, be sure to put some Honey on top. International Bacon Day is celebrated this month, so perhaps for lunch we’ll have a bacon sandwich on Whole Grain Bread, with veggies grown for Organic Harvest Month, and Potato Month potato chips on the side.

Cocktail time this month is a celebration of Bourbon Heritage with a few Macadamia Nuts for crunch, and we’ll have a glass of California Wine with our dinner. Dinner: Chicken and Mushrooms with Wild Rice, Biscuits, and to complete the meal for dessert, Mom’s Apple Pie and, of course, Coffee on National Coffee Day.

It’s also Cholesterol Awareness Month, but the chicken for our dinner isn’t too heavy in that. You’ll want to watch it though on Welsh Rarebit Day on September 3rd, Cheese Pizza Day on September 5th, Weinerchnitzel Day on September 9th, Cheeseburger Day on the 18th, and Corned Beef Hash Day on the 27th. Lipitor anyone?

Really? On a lark I googled "pickles and popsicles" and found that there are pickle popsicles, called, of course, Pickle Pops !!!   No, I don't think I'll try these.

Looking for more foodie inspiration? Find out about all the food-lovers’ celebrations of months, weeks, and days, at Fair warning: your taste buds will tickle and you’ll start to salivate when you start to read the long lists of foods. From Pickles to Popsicles, from Guacamole to Linguini, and that covers just four days in September.

Bon appetite!


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