Monday, September 14, 2015


AAArrrggg! You will not believe this. These last few weeks we’ve had some minor ant invasions – usually happens in the fall – and strangely enough this year it is a mix of at least three ant types: little “sugar” ants, bigger black ones, and fire ants. No problem, get out the Terro – there they go. But last night was a pip.  I took a shower, finished up in the bathroom, turned out the light and went to bed. Damnation, what is that? Something’s biting me – then more, then more!  It didn’t take long for me to jump out of bed and turn on the light – ants! – hoards of ‘em, coming across the rug and making a two-inch wide stream up the bed skirt and into the bed. I had walked right through their line of march. Same three types of ants – are they forming a coalition? – and those fire ants were biting like time.

Well, Frank sprayed the life out of them with the repellent he uses around the door sills and outside perimeter of the house – he didn’t do a fall spraying early enough, I guess – and they were gone. (There were lots of dead bodies to be vacuumed up this morning when the rug was dry.) After I ripped off the sheets and threw them in a hot wash, I dosed myself with cortisone cream and took some Benadryl, but this morning I was a mess off little blisters – mostly on my legs, but some on one hand too. I still itch like crazy.

 LOLOLOL – just for giggles, I googled “bedroom ants” – turns out there is such a thing – a parody on Lady Gaga by  The Kinsey Sicks – that in itself must be a parody.  "Bad Romance" – Bedroom Ants?  Except, we never, ever eat in bed! I don't know if you really want to see the skit, but it is here.

Then I went to the images and found this:

Translated from the Spanish, it means "I want to sleep." That was me last night after the mass spraying and replacing the bed linens. It sure wasn't easy to get to sleep, and then I didn’t sleep too well. No wonder my blood pressure was too high this morning when I went to the MD’s for my annual visit. Whew! When I told the doctor about it, I told him that some wayward little ant got his signals crossed and brought all his buddies to our bedroom. What would a normal ant want in a bedroom? In the bed? Reee-diculous!

And I am unanimous in this!

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