Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Several BAFTA winners

This last few days, BBC Pictures has featured spreads on both the Grammy Awards, aired on February 9, and, on the day before, the BAFTA Awards, the latter being the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

Now I’m not saying that the British embody the epitome of taste, and I did see pictures of some beautifully dressed celebrities who attended the Grammys, but to my way of thinking (and let’s face it, I’m 72 years old and not really at all into what passes for what to wear on the American music scene these days) some of those folks at the Grammys are a bit freaky. 

Madonna, showing much more than we need to see of her.
And who designed that ridiculous and uncomfortable looking getup?
I suppose she sacrifices sense for the sensational.

To make illustrate my thinking on this, I’ve selected and saved several photos from the BBC to use here. I think the photos they selected, and they must have had the same idea, bear out my thoughts.  To wit: 


 as compared to


To be fair, this is a from the Grammy website itself.

I rest my case!

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