Friday, January 30, 2015


Yellow is an interesting color. I’m told it is the color our eyes see best. You won’t see it very often in daily life, except perhaps in the kitchen with lemons and bananas or egg yolks and butter, but when you do see yellow it’s usually a “heads up”. Yellow means caution – in traffic lights, in poisonous snakes (red and yellow could kill a fellow), speed limits, and caution or penalty flags.


The yellow in the Swedish flag is an exception in the otherwise red, white, and blue scheme of the Scandinavian flags. Speaking of the Swedish flag, there is also I Am Curious (Yellow) the film from the late 60’s that everyone wanted to see and no one could figure out.

Yellow can be a sad color: yellow fever, jaundice, yellow bellied coward. But we usually see yellow as a happy color. We think of daffodils and sunflowers and honey bees, of smiley faces and, of course, sunshine. 

Every once in a while we’re on the road, my husband and I will see a really yellow yellow car and call out “Yellow!” Cars of this color are few and far between, usually very expensive, and always stand out. Although they’re not the same sunny yellow, and some are now acid or neon colors, I suppose that’s why school busses are yellow: they stand out.

Now that I think of it, I see a yellow car every day: the one parked in my neighbor’s driveway. It’s a cute little yellow ‘Bug’, sort of a powdery yellow. Not a “Yellow!” yellow. Like its owner, it’s sort of a mellow yellow.

You all remember that intriguing book, The Yellow River by I.P. Daily. 

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