Friday, January 23, 2015


I follow several daily bloggers who every once in a while will start off their post with the words “No blog today”.  They then go into detail about why they’re not posting. Seriously?  Gal, you just posted.

Today I am guilty of the same thing because I just don’t have the oomph to fuss with the process of adding all the pictures I want to add to my essay on Yellow.

It is easier for me just to do this new .doc, copy and paste it, add maybe one picture, and voila! It is raining. Blah. I am getting over a nasty bout with a chest cold. No sniffles or sneezes – well, not too many sneezes – but I still feel achy, the cough is persistent, and if I talk for just a few sentences my voice shuts down to a croak.  

So readers – and you know who you are! – this is it. 

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