Friday, January 9, 2015


These days when you say ‘green’ folks immediately think something eco-related: the environment, energy, agriculture, recycling, and such. Today, for this blog, ‘green’ also means just green. I’ve done orange and red – now it is green.

Green is a color I’ve used for years, usually with red. Amy day can be Christmas Day. In my last house I had wall-to-wall forest green carpet. Dark? Not at all. With while walls and even darker upholstery, it was smashing. (I’ve that same upholstery now, but with the yerky beige carpeting – you can bet I won’t be doing a blog on beige - that was the best available choice from the builder eight years ago. Fate forfend we should have replaced it before its time – that wouldn’t be ‘green’!)  

There are as many shades of green as there are leaves on the trees. They vary, as they fit into a crossword puzzle, from pea to chartreuse; they vary, as they fit on the color scale, from spring through apple and olive to forest. They vary as widely as the shades on the color chips at the home improvement store. Just think of those poor folks who have to think up names for all those colors.

Just think of some of the neat things that are green: emeralds, moss, shamrocks, baby spinach, pickles, Cousin Margaret, Kermit.

Just think of some of the nasty things that are green: kale, slime, spinach baby food, jealousy, envy, toads.

Green is the Christian ecclesiastical color of hope; it was the favorite color of Mohammed, and it is the most favored color, especially for flags, in the Islamic world. It is the color of growth. The first green of spring, in any culture, gives hope for a good year to come.  The Green Man of legend is also a symbol of rebirth.

In today’s world, for many, along with orange, green means decaffeinated as in coffee. We’ve got the Green Party, The Green Bay Packers, Green Peace, Wearin’ o’ the Green. We try to go green and live green.

On these cold winter days we’re never gonna ‘think pink’ – it’s green, green, green.  In all its shades and tints, it is the color of spring.


    It ain’t easy bein’ green.

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