Friday, August 1, 2014



In August it will be so hot
I will become a cooking pot
Cooking soup of course-why not?
Cooking once, cooking twice
Cooking chicken soup with rice

Maurice Sendak

August – ah, just one more month of hot weather – I hope! The humidity has
 been unusually high here this year. I usually take a walk each morning 
before the sun rises and it gets a wee bit too hot for me, but not lately. 
I open up that front door and it feels like I’m heading into a sauna. 
Then I nicely close the door and say “Not today Geraldine”, Geraldine being one of my mother’s flippant nicknames for me when she was about to say “No”.

To ‘celebrate’ the first of August, I believe I will make chicken soup tonight.
No rice – we like fine noodles. (Sorry Mr. Sendak!) By this time of year we’ve gone through the stockpile of frozen soups, so it’s time to start stockpiling again. I can’t think of a better way to start.

While searching Google's picture files for August, I came upon this
interesting photo. I wonder where this was taken.
Did she dive from that bamboo pole?

I'd love to do that - but then I get a 'visual' of my fat-old-lady self,
and I have myself a good laugh.
Maybe in my next life - hmmmm?

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