Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Today is August 26, 2014. Today is the day!

Yesterday I got the shipping notice from Amazon, and today is the day I’ll get my copy of the latest Louise Penny novel The Long Way Home. I’ve been following the story of Armand Gamache, now retired Chief Inspector of the Sûreté du Québec, ever since my 
dear Canadian friend introduced me to the series.

If you are a Penny fan, a Gamache fan, you know why I’m so delighted.
Amazon had this on the book’s page:  "As with all the author’s other titles, Penny wraps her mystery around the history and personality of the people involved. By this point in the series, each inhabitant of Three Pines is a distinct individual, and the humor that lights the dark places of the investigation is firmly rooted in their long friendships, or, in some cases, frenemyships. The heartbreaking conclusion will leave series readers blinking back tears." —Library Journal

I’m not too sure I’m happy about a “heartbreaking conclusion” – today I can imagine many scenarios, by tomorrow I will know for sure.

I’ll be listening for the telltale sound of the mail truck.

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