Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Over the years there have been many things that have ‘spoken’ to me. Many of them, being affordable and, shall we say, utilitarian, found their way into my home. Many were beyond my means and so I had to dream on. I still dream about owning this wonderful example of the art 
of Steuben Glass Works.

For many years I built a collection around the small mouse my mother had bought for my father years before. I had big mice, little mice, fat mice, skinny mice, cloth, wood, metal, and ceramic. I still have that original mouse and one or two others, and I still have the page from the New York Times Sunday Magazine of November 16, 1969. Coincidentally, it was my 27th birthday.  There was no way on earth that I could spend $600 dollars on that mouse. That was several months’ rent.

When I checked in 2004, Steuben had it for $5,000. Corning Glass sold the works in 2008 and then it was closed a few years later. No more mice! But recently I did contact a dealer who has one for $6,000. I still won’t afford it, even if I in a stretch I probably could. I’m content to have the original ad in my scrapbook.

I kinda liked this one too.

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