Monday, October 28, 2013


Here's a Latelife Recipes post from last summer. I've made several versions of this since then, varying the breads and the toppings. So easy - almost
 a no-brainer you might say.

Lazy lump that I am, wanting something different for supper, I looked at the fresh loaf of seeded rye from Breadsmith and the huge tomato that were among my purchases from yesterday's Fresh Produce Club's Market Day here at SCCL.

Hmmm - - what did I have that would go with those?  Well, the fridge yielded a  spread that I'd made from blue cheese, cream cheese and a bit of mayo. O.K.! Let's go with that.

I toasted six slices of the rye, spread four slices with what was left of the blue cheese spread, sliced up some great cheddar for the last two toasts. I sliced up the huge tomato, some salt, fresh-ground pepper, and a sprinkling of chives.
Under the broiler for about five minutes. Voila! 

Then, at the last minute, I remembered to take a picture of it all before it went under the broiler.

Two blue cheese and one cheddar each - and they were excellent, if I do say so myself. 

This is another idea that fits well into the "By the Numbers" category.

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