Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I found a gem in the big old ledger where I’ve kept my spending totals  since 1977.  (I’m not about to computerize the whole thing now.) When I finally put in the June totals and added up the half year, I saw this gem I’d clipped from the Sunday New York Times in February 1987. Who knows why I saved it in the first place, but it really is a good one. Part of it reads:

 Besides keeping heads warm, hats are providing a note of needed cheer these dreary winter days. On second thought, perhaps cheer doesn’t quite cover the gamut of what hats are now providing, so let’s add some words like drama, adventure flair, and hoot – as in “that hat’s a hoot.”


The whole piece is a hoot – and perfect for a hot day in July,
twenty-six years later.

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