Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One June 7th, I copied this exactly from A Femme d’Une Certain Age, one of the blogs on my daily rounds:
What Do You Think This Is?
 When I first saw it, I thought it was a vacuum cleaner, then I thought it was some tricked-out hair or skin or body steam machine. It is none of those things.

It's an iron. But, as you can see it's clearly more than an iron. It appears to be a complete dry cleaning pressing machine of some sort. It won the Grand Prize for innovative design at the 2013 Paris Fair.

It comes with lots of accessories, is called "Lift Pinky Pop" and is made by Lauraster. The price you may be wondering? A mere 499 Euros. Remember it's not just an iron, it is also all about design and that changes everything when you're toiling away, nest-ce pas?


What caught my attention was the bright pink and the LAURAstar.  Laura, that’s me! And I surely am a star – in my own little universe that is. Needless to say, I had to know more about this item. And at first I too thought it was a vacuum cleaner – I’ve got them on my mind since I recently bought a new one. But no, it’s a handy, dandy clothes care contraption. Yahoo has an advert video for it, and googling it will bring up TMI, if you’re inclined to do more research.  Whywouldya? It would take me eons of dry cleaning and ironing to justify its cost: 499 Euros? Oh, that’s about 655 US Dollars. It is available only in Europe, so western hemisphere appliance junkies will have to wait.

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