Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I might not be the center of the universe, not that I have the need to know exactly where that is, but I’ve several people dear to me who are the center of my universe.
As part of the preface to the video for June 6th, APOD readers were asked to point out the slight inaccuracies in the video, like the supposed inaccuracy of the omission of Uranus, and there were many Comments.  Someone who was obviously not from this country criticized the Americans who commented on the video or pointed out the inaccuracies in it: “Basically they are simply unable to watch without interfering,” he said. And isn’t that what he did?
Well….. the vast majority of us who do see the video will be momentarily mind boggled, Uranus or not.  It’s a neat video to show most children over age five, and for those who do think they are the center of the universe it will put things in their proper perspective.





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