Tuesday, June 18, 2013


It’s the conspicuous among us who make us believe we should be doing what they are doing: searching for their roots, or wearing orange this season, or learning everything we can about clothes, décor, wine, coffee, chocolate, cheese or the food or flavor of the month. These are people who threw away their edit button. Bloggers telling us a bit about their lives and interests is, well, interesting - very! - especially when they show us their own clever projects and photos -  but those beating us over the head with their proselytizing is another thing.

In the interest of saving time I’ve had to become a bit more selective about the blogs I follow.  When I first started blogging – writing and reading – I was like a kid in a candy store – gimme, gimme, gimme – and I delighted in it all. Now I’ve had it with many cobbled-together blogs.  The bloggers may once have had a lot to say, and they probably have strong followings, but the blog output of many of them has shrunk to a few lines strung together with a few appropriate, always quite lovely photos - almost invariably not their own - published perhaps when the fancy strikes them.  Perhaps they’re now famous and are putting out their own luscious books.  Perhaps they’re now too busy to blog but want to keep their site alive.  Perhaps I’ll drop them from my daily list because it’s not worth even the little time it takes to go to the blog and be disappointed again.
Not too many people read my Latelife Musings blog, so I’m grateful and delighted with those who do, especially the ones with their own great blogs who take the time out to read mine. I’m sure my complaint will go unnoticed by the blog-cobblers, but I just had to get it said. 


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  1. Yikes! The Curmudgeon has spoken, and this poor reader/blogger is busy flogging herself and crying "mea culpa, mea maxima culpa"!

    Lovely pics, not my own? Guilty! Cobbled together blogs? Oh dear, maybe guilty too!

    Seriously, it's good to get an earful (or perhaps it's an eyeful, here) every now and again, and have a quick look in the mirror to see if the shoe fits.

    Your thoughts are always worth reading. Thanks for this!