Wednesday, May 29, 2013


My Grandfather
I got sidetracked yesterday.  A wonderful surprise arrived in the day’s mail: a book and a letter from a man in Germany who, it turns out, is the son of one of my mother’s cousins. His grandfather and mine, two of ten children, were brothers. I’m not sure what the technical term is – first cousin once removed, second cousin? – it’s neither here nor there.  He’d written a book in German, about his family: Dietz und Drucker.  I’m on the Drucker side.  Turns out he’d met some of our Drucker family here and they’d contributed to his research efforts.  As a wonderful Thank You he published a book in English about his Drucker family and ancestry.  Now he wants to update the book with more information about his American cousins. There were eight of them, and my grandparents had thirty-three grandchildren, so there’s a lot of information to be collected.
I got started first by answering his letter with an email, and attaching two of the old pictures I’d already scanned in. This morning so far, after receiving a wonderful email reply from him, I’ve been taking pictures of the large pictures I can’t scan, and scanning in the smaller stuff. My brother has our family album and I’ve emailed him to get him to join in on the project.

I’ve stayed in touch with only a few of my cousins, and this project is really bringing the memories flooding back.  It is wonderful to see pictures of them. Some of the gals have white hair!  Whew – so do I!  We’re all getting old!
So that’s why my usual Tuesday posting went missing – I don’t apologize!
My Grandmother

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