Friday, May 3, 2013


    …are both 71. Both blonde – and that’s where the similarities end. This past Sunday’s Parade magazine had her and her age on the cover.  (Actually, she’s a year or so older. She’s 71; I’m only in my 71st year.)
I do know from past reading that she sleeps far less than I do – maybe four hours a night, so she’s packed a lot more activity into her life than I’d ever dreamed of when I was asleep and she was awake and productive.   She’s a gal who knows what she wants and knows how to get it, and I admire her for that. 
Darn, I wish I’d saved all my issues of Living – I was a charter subscriber.  After a while I no longer wanted to give all those issues house room, so I went through them, cut out some of her greatest ideas, and recycled the rest. I’ve rarely disagreed with her methods, and I applaud the easy-to-follow way the magazine presents to those who’ve really got no clue how to do things like polish silver, fold a sheet, and keep their clothes. I know of many gals whose mothers never taught them basics like those.
And Martha is a lot more fit than I am – I’ll have to work on that!
My preferred form of exercise.

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