Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Business cards these days are ubiquitous as fast food. Vista Print will print up 250 for you for just $10.00 – sometimes less.  When we moved south I took them up on their offer: new house, new phones, nice cards, why not?
My regular readers know that I buy books.  Most of what I buy are used books. A recent purchase came with two business cards as bookmarks – bookmarks? I wonder.  One was a gal from the Desert Research Institute of the University of Nevada in Reno. The other was a guy from the Department of Water Resources in Boise, Idaho.  I could make up a scenario about a gal and a guy meeting, but then a third person had their cards in the book.  Where did that person meet the other two? I say that it had to be a convention – but one was in personnel, the other was an ecologist. They are related in that a desert needs water? – maybe. What sort of gathering would bring in those two people?  I can’t jump to conclusions because where will never be evidence enough for me to conclude anything from just two business cards. ‘Tis a puzzlement, and one that tickles my mind.

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