Thursday, August 30, 2012


One of my earliest school memories was the mid-morning milk break. At that time in the mid 1940’s milk was 2¢ a day, and I remember bringing my weekly dime to school wrapped in a hankie pinned to my uniform.  What brings me to the topic at hand is that after our not-too-cold carton of milk was finished and cleared away (paper straws and not-too-cold milk still remind me of those days) we had to put our heads down on our desks, pillowed on our arms, and take a little nap. Ten minutes maybe? I suppose it was a break for the nun. I don’t remember if I actually slept – who would? – but I do remember studying the dents and scratches on my wooden desktop.

Do you think that might have been the origin of the power nap?

I am incapable of taking a “Power Nap”. If I go in to nap I’ll sleep for two hours. I love napping, but a two hour nap can interfere with my night’s sleep.  I usually go to bed early; it’s safer and healthier if I go to bed around eight when my husband does.  He can sleep for twelve hours or more but I usually get up early - maybe 5:30 or 6.  Here’s my problem, and the reason for it is probably known to nutritionists or behaviorists: if I stay up later than he I’ll snack like crazy, yet when I get up early I can grab just a of coffee and I’m good almost indefinitely. I guess it’s all in how I’m wired.*


*See Haywire


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