Friday, October 16, 2015


October in the larder at Historic Brattonsville

Octo – eight – as in octopus. But this is the tenth month. Well, in the old Roman calendar it was the eighth month and the year had 304 days. They must have played around with the leftover 61 days. Calendars have been messed with and corrected over the millennia. When they adjusted the months they should have shifted the names to reflect the new positions, but even then they didn’t get things right. Few of us even think about this these days. Well, I did, but I’m different and I had to come up with an essay for today’s posting.

When I lived further north, September was the time for getting out the fall decorations and starting to make soup - not with the fall decorations, of course.  Living down here in South Carolina I’m feeling decorative and soupy only now in the middle of October. Heck, I’ve gotten out the long slacks and a light jacket, but I’m still wearing sandals. I suppose I’ll begin to wear socks and shoes once the daytime temperatures stay in the 60’s (that’s the high teens for you Celsius folks.)

This cooler weather has me thinking about cooking and baking. Yesterday I made a batch of delicious apple sauce and a huge pot of my spaghetti sauce. Then I made a big pan of lasagna with some of the sauce. I’ve frozen six more portions for the weeks to come. I should have made the spaghetti sauce first. For a while the house smelled just like fall – apples and cinnamon and spices. This morning I can still detect the aroma of my meat sauce with basil and oregano and other herbs. Close, but not really a morning aroma. So now I will bake up some corn muffins and get the house smelling like breakfast.

A bit too brown on the bottoms, but eminently edible!
And the house smells delicious.

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