Sunday, March 29, 2015


If this is Sunday is must be Ice Cube Day. I've forgotten where I learned it, but somewhere I learned that using ice cubes to water orchids was a safe way to prevent over watering. It works! So every Sunday I treat all my plants to their weekly cocktail. 

These are my houseplants - my only house plants: 3 orchids, a Christmas Cactus, a little succulent, and an amaryllis. Those last three were given to me this past Christmas, doubling the collection and crowding the triangle behind the kitchen sink. This is a pix from early March.

This is the picture today.  All three orchids are in bloom. I never give the plants any 'food', I just use the ice cubes. Perhaps there is something in the water here that the orchids just love. The little one on the left I purchased in February, the one on the right that bloomed this month is in its second bloom for me, and the one in the middle is on its third bloom - regular as clockwork, first bloom on the first of February. 

Three cubes for the big orchids, two for the little one (There's one in the back.) The amaryllis gets two cubes, the cactus gets one, and the succulent gets a sliver or two. They seem to love life by this east facing window. Doesn't take much to make them happy.

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