Friday, December 19, 2014


What better way to welcome Christmas week than with a bunch of red. I went tiptoeing through Google Images and found more red than I could have imagined.

Red – can you imagine what targets those Redcoats were for the homespun-clad American revolutionaries?  Red – what would we do without it in “the red, white, and blue”? Red – “Better red than dead”, but that’s a thing of the past. “What’s black and white and red all over?” See red. See red and stop. See red and stop all this nonsense.

Corey Amaro's poppies

And speaking of poppies, here are
many more  - 888,246 of them - and Red coats too.

Ah, the permutations of red: cardinal, carmine crimson, ruby, poppy, not to mention fire engine, rust, barn, and blood. Lots of shades of difference there. Then we go to the salmons and magentas and pinks – but no, we won’t go there. We’ll stick to red.

Red is now my favorite color. Once it was purple, and though I am still quite partial to purple and all its shades, red is now it.  In her old age, my grandmother always wanted a red Jag-u-are. I can just see that silver-haired gal tootling along the highways in something like that – something much snazzier than her staid, white Nash. Today I know exactly how she felt: I want my very own 2012 SLS-AMG Mercedes Benz – in red. It’s Christmas time – I do think everyone in the family should chip in and get one for me.

 p.s. - here are some more of the pictures I collected for the RED article:

The Duchess of Cambridge. What? You didn't recognize her?


Cardinals of another sort - but not of a different color.

And I am unanimous in this!

For more on color see Roy G. Biv.

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