Friday, November 8, 2013


Here he is, pulling up to my house to deliver another package.
I am a dyed-in-the-wool on-line shopper. From back in the days when I was working all week, I hated having to shop on Saturdays when the stores were crowded. I began to shop via catalog and I did very well. If nothing else, it stopped me from making impulse buys. Today the catalogs just clutter up the mail. If you regularly shop on line why would the merchants bother you with catalogs?  Well, yes, I suppose I could think of several reasons but all that junk mail just bothers me on several levels.
I can still remember hearing the UPS man barreling in to make a delivery. We once lived about half mile in on a dirt road, and he came in hell-bent for leather. There were many dirt roads on his rout – that truck must have had a short life. I know one of the gals along the road accused him of running over her cat, but he always vehemently denied it.  It was rare in those days to see a FedEx truck.  That usually meant you had to sign for something special. I did so much catalog and then on-line shopping that I had a signature on file with UPS. Poor guy: he’d have had a job finding me sometimes. I was always out and about on the property – but usually I heard him coming.
These days more and more merchants are using FedEx and Smart Post where FedEx picks up the package and hands it over to the USPS to deliver. Good idea – after all, the mail lady is by here every day.  I know her by sight and by name, but I no longer know the UPS man, much less the FedEx guy. I’m just pleased that they’re on the job, bringing me all this good stuff.

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