Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Let me tell you, things are coming to a pretty pass when your 5-year-old granddaughter tells you “Gammy, your house is dusty.” Well, I do dust once every two weeks or so, but only the main surfaces – I’ve other things to do. Jenna wanted to see a carousel music box I have under a glass dome - I had to dust off the dome with my shirt tail.  Then later her ball rolled under the couch - cobwebs! She’s seen and mentioned other cobwebs here before. To her they mean Spiders! so she doesn’t like them. Jenna hates dust - thus the comment. While the other girls may remember me as the Grammy who always had wild cherry Life Savers in her purse, (the 3-year-old calls them “flavors”) Jenna will always remember me as the grandmother with the dusty house.
Ah, well!

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