Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Kei Acedera's Blue Tongue Battle Dragon - I just love him!
A few years ago when I was on the community magazine staff I had a list of the various months commemorated throughout the year. I recently came upon the old list and this being August I checked it out. Strangely enough the last one listed is Dragon Appreciation Month. If you are further inclined to celebrate, January 16 has been Dragon Appreciation Day since 2004.  I'll remind you of this later on in life.

No one appreciates dragons more than I do. I’ve written about my favorite “lost” book.  The subject: a dragon. Then there’s my favorite of R.A. MacAvoy’s – Tea with the Black Dragon, not to mention all of the late Anne McCaffrey’s dragons in her Pern series. (Click and just look at all the dragons on that last page! I’ve read every one.)  And one must never forget Kenneth Grahame's Reluctant Dragon. I love the Disney version and the dragon's recital of "Poor Little Upside-Down Cake".

So please, don’t put it off, go out and appreciate a dragon today!

I wish I'd been born with one of M.C.A. Hogarth's  dragons.

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