Thursday, August 22, 2013



I know I’ve mentioned Tania Kindersley and her wonderful blog Backwards in High Heels many times in my posts.  She writes about “food, horses, dogs, politics, daily life, random musings, an awful lot of human condition, and occasional moments of whimsy.”  Today she had a wonderful shared experience and shared the experience with her Dear Readers, and in the writing she clearly defined, for me at least, the why of blogging. 

She wrote “But sometimes, in life, it’s important to have a witness. I thought this as I came back to my desk to start work. I thought suddenly, that is what this blog is all about.” And “I think there is something quite profound going on. I think it is to do with having a witness. I think, at its best, this new medium offers something wonderfully collective. Here are our small lives; they are seen.”  That’s it in a nutshell: here is my small life; I’d like to share my thoughts and interests with you. I don’t need, as she also doesn’t need, to go viral, though she has scores more members than I. I am just delighted to have my own small group of Dear Readers, and to know that I am, as Tania says, seen.

Tania’s full post today can be read at    And not only are her posts supremely interesting, her photography is supreme too.



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  1. What an absolutely lovely thing to write. Am very touched. Thank you. Tania :)