Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I had a nice chuckle this morning when I read that several of my favorite bloggers are participating in the By Invitation Only topic of the month. This month’s topic is Inspiration.  Even though I am not an invitee, sometimes the month’s topic does inspire me – and this month is no different.
Note the pen and journal on the table - ready for nocturnal notes.

Inspiration – as it pertains to my blog – can be fleeting.  I know I’ve told you how I keep a journal and a lighted pen right next to my bed, just in case a random nocturnal thought inspires me.  Of late I’ve been relatively uninspired. If I could define inspiration I’d be ahead of the game. At this time last year I had blog essays ready right into January of this year.  This year I’ve got essays ready into March, and a few date-specific essays to post during the year.  Last year the list of ‘To Be Posted’ was at over 50 – this year I’ve got about 15.  I do have some in the ‘In Progress’ file.  Surely, I’d best stop what seems to be a reading marathon – over 20 books read so far this year, and it’s only
February 5th – and get into the writing marathon mode.
Accustomed as I am to post an essay most Fridays and a quickie blog on Tuesdays, I’d say this Inspiration inspiration came at just the right time for today's post. 


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