Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Slothful and smiling!
I don’t know why, but lately it seems to me that Newton’s first law of motion applies to me as well: a body at rest tends to remain at rest. When I’m lazy and/or reading that’s all I want to do for days. I don’t want to have to interact with anyone I can avoid. When I’m in motion and I’ve got lots to do – especially places to go, appointments, etc., – I am more inclined to keep on the go.
Sounds strange maybe, but all the appointments and driving I’ll have to do with Frank out of commission these next weeks are O.K. because first of all they’re not my appointments; second, I haven’t had a long time in which to brood about having to move me bloomin’ arse; and third, I can read while I wait. Oh, lazy me. I’m not even put out by having to shuffle what passes for my schedule of household chores.  In the past I’d be all a twitter. (No, not that Twitter!)  As I’ve reached Medicare age I’ve mellowed a bit and have taken on a new mantra: “It is what it is.”
They – the ubiquitous ‘they’ - say “if you want something done give the job to a busy person” – I agree totally.  Being on the go, running and doing, a busy person doesn’t even have time to contemplate the sneaky additions to the daily endeavors – they just keep on keepin’ on.  A slug, as I have become, on the other hand, has oodles of time to think about what has to be done vs. what they really want to do and what they can get away with not doing.  I have become the master of knowing just what really has to be done and how to do it so that it passes muster.
All this is by way of giving a reason for not posting on Friday. I was so sluggish that I completely forgot to post the essay I’d written a while ago – and that’s just fine because now I can shift everything one week later on the calendar: less work for the sluggish, slothful snail that I am.*

*Poor slugs, sloths, and snails get a bad rap or rep – they’re just going about life as they were meant to. And I’m not going to be able to emulate them too much in these next few weeks. Frank’s going to have surgery to repair a complete tear in his left shoulder’s rotator cuff – and he’s left handed – so that means he’ll really be out of commission for a while.  And that means I’ll be helping to substitute for that left arm – you know: dressing, feeding, and whatever else he’ll need help with. As I said before: “it is what it is.” We’ll do fine!

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