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Another curmudgeonly comment:  

On I found this:

Main Entry:
 trash television
Part of Speech:
 the broadcasting of television programs featuring violence, profanity, partial nudity, and other vulgar subject matter
The reality TV shows are the epitome of trash television.

I think the definition above should be broadened. 

Here they are: your typical American family.
Just yesterday I caught a TV ad for Operation Repo. Holey socks, why wouldya?! It’s said to be fictionalized versions of real repossessions. The ‘cast’ consists of way overweight, pierced, and tattooed folk. I instantly named it “Slut Television.”  I’d be most embarrassed if this show was picked up internationally.  My head is not stuck in the sand and I do know that people like this are real – they’re on TV, doncha know? – but this show - just the preview! - gives me the itch.

With some exceptions, I do like the ‘reality’ series that take you along with hard-working people like fishermen, loggers, and truckers.  I can also see some of those pawn or restoration shows: they come upon some very interesting stuff.  The original ‘reality’ shows like Survivor or Big Brother are just useless.

My two favorite Swamp Loggers

I must say, I really liked Swamp Loggers. It’s not been renewed, probably because there was little profanity, no violence, no in-fighting (I’m amazed that American Chopper has lasted so long!), and lots of good family values and hard work. I’d guess they’re happy to be able to get back to working without camera crews slowing them down.

And finally, while I’m on this curmudgeonly bent, I offer as a prime example of what’s wrong with the new trends in TV: The Learning Channel. Just click on that and look at their lineup. “Learning” has become a misnomer there.  It may be entertainment for some, but it ain’t at all learning
for anyone.

And that
(Said John)

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