Thursday, May 17, 2012


Next to our own Stars and Bars, have you ever seen a flag as stirring as that of the Norwegians?  I guess I am partial to the red, white, and blue.  Watch many international sporting events - The Winter Olympics, WRC rally races and something like the Tour de France come to mind - and you're sure to be able to pick out the Norwegial flags flying.  

Today is Syttende Mai, the seventeenth of May, Norwegian Constitution Day. One of my fondest memories is of returning from an eleven-day coastal cruise to Bergen on the ship Midnatsol - the old one, not the new one. The date was Syttende Mai, and we arrived to flags and bunads, the national costumes, and such color as I'd rarely seen before.  
So today we have our Norwegian flags flying outside and inside we'll have seafood au gratin to celebrate the day.


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