Tuesday, March 28, 2017


My camera can't do justice to the color of these strawberries. They are a deep, dark, shining red. Blood red, almost.   

At this morning's magazine content meeting, one of the gals reminded us that the strawberries are ready at The Ivy Place.  It's just down the road a bit from our community. That was exactly where I headed when the meeting was over. 

You know how you can't wait to get home and dig into the loaf of fresh bread you just bought? The aroma is overwhelming. It was the same with the strawberries - I could not wait to get home, the aroma was sooooo divine.

I chose a 5-pound basket. It had more in it than what is shown in the picture, but Frank and I had to have a few samples. Absolutely, positively delicious.

After I post this blog I'll go have a few more strawberries, and then I'll do up the rest with sugar and lemon to have for the next few days. They won't last too long, I can assure you.

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