Friday, July 8, 2016


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."
Mark Twain

I've had that quote saved for several months on a .doc in my "Blogs in Progress" file. I just never got started doing anything with it. I keep several “In Progress” files for my writing, and I usually get to each one, or Delete it, sooner or later. I thought I was prepared for today – I thought I had a blog ready to go. 

Problem is I’d already posted that one, one the community magazine didn’t use. I thought I had a nice list of blogs ready to go – wrong! Problem is I’ve put off getting started on organizing my postings and finishing the ones “In Progress.”  So today, dear readers, you get ramblings. Today I pulled Mr. Twain from the files.

On my desk, on a scrap piece of paper, I also keep a list of things to do. Right now I’ve got “iron, wash bathroom mirrors [I need to get the ladder for this - they are the big wall-to-wall ones that go to the ceiling], sew jacket, move buttons for FJ, recover lap desk, order pix, update scrap books.” That last item has been on the list for almost a year.

Now I’ve also got a mental list of the few things to do these next few days. We’ve got a special person coming to visit. That ironing to be done is still sitting on her bed, but she won't care about the top of the mirror. I’ve got to make some salad dressing for the spinach I’m going to get. I’ve got to collect the things I have on another list of stuff I want to hand over to her. I've got to...

Maybe on Sunday.

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